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I fell in love with this right away. Before starting, I purchased a little more yarn - Red Heart Classic Yarn at Since I did not know the sex of the baby, I decided to go with many colors. You could also make this in one color other than the white, or each row could be one color. Another theme could be a checkerboard of 2 different colors. Here is my interpretation of this pattern. Bright colors all the way!

The next project for baby was a crochet sweater, hat and bootie set. The reason for this one is that I am making a christening outfit and was concerned that baby would be cold in it in November in this outfit. It came form another great site for patterns, and they have 1000's for FREE - Lion I don't have a picture of the completed outfit because I gave it to to baby in a hurry, but I will post pic's later after the christening. Here is the picture from Lion Brand's site. This is a great gift because it is so fast to make . Only took 3 days from start to finish and I wasn't in a mad rush. Click on the picture if you would like to download this one for free!


Newborn Baby Sweater - Free pattern from Lion Brand


Dainty Crochet Earrings - Takes only a few yards of bedspread weight cotton ( #10), and less then 30 minutes of time. Great gift! Instructions available for free at jpfun









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