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Handmade Fabric Dolls and Bears-

  . This little girl is toddler size and waiting for a granddaughter to come along and claim her. She is about 28 inches tall and can wear 24 months size baby clothes. The clothing she wears right now is hand made especially for her. The fabric is purple velveteen with pink satin collar, and the slip underneath is white taffeta with lace edging. She also has black felt shoes that she is not wearing in this picture. The hair is worsted weight yarn that I knit, boil for an hour, hang out to dry, and then take apart to get the beautiful texture. The doll in the next picture is the same pattern. she was made about 18 years ago for my daughter and you can tell, she has been well loved. The fabric for both of these dolls is what used to be called robe velour, which seems to be unavailable at this time. It makes really wonderful dolls. Use only the highest quality stuffing as it makes a huge difference as to how your doll will look. You don't want any lumpy body parts. The faces are painted with non-toxic acrylic paints, The toxic ones are more permanent, but if they are for children - needless to say you don't want to take a chance.

    I began doll making after the birth of my last child, after seeing a doll in a shop (right before the cabbage patch doll craze) that was baby size, fabric, and cost about $200.00. It was very cute and my oldest daughter would have loved to have it. It didn't come in African American style and the store owner said "you don't buy it, you adopt it" which is code word for expensive. It is my belief that dolls for children to play with should not cost too much. If it for a collectible, that another matter.  I thought " I know how to sew, I can make that myself". My first efforts were shabby to say the least. When I look at the first dolls I made, I cringe. But over time my skills improved. Painting the face was the biggest challenge for me because I am a sewer, not a painter. After I have put in the effort of cutting, sewing, stuffing, I don't want to ruin the doll with bad painting, so I keep the it simple. Some of the cutest faces are very simply done. 

This is just one style of many dolls I have made over the years. Most have been sold or given away or I would post more pic's I have not made dolls for awhile and I am feeling the need to get back at it.


I started making bears while recovering from am illness and bears seemed easier to make than the dolls; less seams, no painting and no hair! I am still a novice at bear making but they are on my radar as future projects, especially with grandbabies, grandnephews and grandnieces in abundance. This one is not jointed and about 19 inches tall. I decided, for some reason, not to clip her hairy nose so you could see her eyes better.

    Dolls made from pattern by Sew Sweet Dolls                              







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