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 Retro Style Apron

     The fabrics used were 2 companion prints from the Strawberry Splendor collection of Maywood Studio. The strawberry print is available by following the link-the green is not. I like making aprons in beautiful food prints and my daughter, who will receive this one, loves vintage style aprons and the color red. This pattern is multi-sized so I always trace the size I want on pellon non woven interfacing. Pellon makes a really durable pattern that you can use and pin over and over again. Make sure it is not the iron on kind. The green print was used to make bias binding that encases the entire apron. When making your own bias, look at your fabric very closely before you buy to make sure the print doesn't have a bias directional print. Sometimes these are hard to see. As I look at this picture of these 2 fabrics, the diagonal direction of the print seems very obvious, but in the store, it didn't.

  When tracing your patterns, transfer all markings from the pattern pieces, so you don't pull it out later on and say "What in the world is this ?"

  The Pattern was traced, cut out, and then the work of making the bias strips began. I used the 45 degree angle on my quilter's ruler aligned with the selvage edge to find the perfect bias and marked a line with tailors chalk. Subsequent strips were marked from that line to 1 3/4 inch width. Cutting on the bias gives your fabric strips just enough stretch ability to go around the curves of this apron easily. Strips cut on the straight grain would not work because they are too rigid.

After cutting (a rotary cuter is best) many 2 inch strips from a 1 yard piece of the green print, I seam enough pieces together to make about 5 yards. If that isn't enough, it's easy to make and seam more pieces. When seaming bias strips put 2 pieces right sides together at a right angle or your strips will not be in a continuous straight line when sewed together. Then I used  my handy dandy bias making tool to quickly fold and iron the tapes to the desired 1 inch width size. That is the best tool ever! You can find a great selection of these at The 1 inch tape was folded again to make it into 1/2 inch double fold tape. One side should be a little longer than the other. When you put it on the apron to sew it down, put the shortest side on the side of the fabric you are sewing on. I hope that makes sense. You can always contact me with any questions you might have. Next sew pieces together and put on bias as per instructions in the book and VOILA!!! --- You have a one-of-a kind, quick and easy apron for a gift, or for yourself to wear at your dinner parties and to look fabulous while protecting your nice clothes and preparing your meal.  If you have any leftover fabric, consider making placemats to match. The apron pattern book and strawberry print fabric are available at



Here is my daughter wearing her new apron while my grandson looks on.

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